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August 14, 2020
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Recreate the Farm in Your Home Using Rooster Decor

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Do you like to do something different with your home? How about using the colors of a Rhode Island Red rooster? Going with a theme like roosters would mean a unique home that will stand out above the crowd. When using a theme, it is best to use a neutral color as the base to make your chosen colors pop.

People decorate with roosters for many reasons. They may love the colors of the feathers, they may love roosters and chickens, and it may remind them of a child hood memory of being on the farm as a child. For what ever reason you like to decorate with roosters, keep these tips in mind.

As all roosters come with a combination of colors, you can go with all of them or focus on a single one. When reusing existing furniture or other decors, you can opt to use just one color. In that way, you can make it match your other things without too much work.

Again, you want to use a neutral color as your primary color. Paint your walls this color so you can easily balance your overall look. The neutral color can be beige, cream, sand, or light brown.

The next step consists of you choosing your favorite rooster and using its colors to balance the rest of your decor. If you like the Derbyshire Redcap the most, you can use drapes, tablecloths, and placemats in shades of brown. You can then combine it with red area rugs to accent the decor. Using the right accent pieces is the key to a balanced rooster theme.

After choosing the colors to go with your rooster theme, you will then choose a rooster picture or painting. Have your canvass framed using a simple stained wooden frame to add a rustic appeal to the painting. 8"x 10" or 5" x 7" frames hung at eye level will definitely get noticed. Another way of going about this is using several smaller pictures hung at different heights. This breaks the monotony and creates points of interest.

Finally, you need to find rooster salt and pepper shakers, rooster coffee mugs, rooster canisters, and other rooster themed kitchen essentials. This will enhance your rooster theme.

Different breeds have different colors. Either reuse the colors of the breed you used for the rest of the house, or have a different breed and color combination for the kitchen. Again, choose the colors you like and emphasize them using a neutral background color.

Look online or at specialty stores for your kitchen utensils and trinkets. Another good place to look are at flea markets and garage sales, not only will these be cheap, sometimes you can get an entire set from someone who got tired of the theme and want to unload them at a low price.

Lastly, if you wind up with too many colors in the room, add a white flokati rug under a table or reading chair. This will soften the loud colors and balance the room. This will be the final touch that will get your guests talking and asking questions.


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