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May 31, 2020
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Review - Batman The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Collector Bane Figure

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The main protagonist of The Dark Knight Rises, and longtime fan favorite of Batman fans around the world, Bane is one of 6 main characters featured in The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Collector Figures (released in tandem with the feature film). Collectors have sought a high quality collectable Bane figure for many years, and most have chosen to ignore the Bane adaption featured in the completely forgettable Batman & Robin of the 90s. Bane is an imposing physical beast that possesses unnatural strength, and the Movie Masters Collectable Bane manages to capture an impressive likeness to Tom Hardys portrayal in The Dark Knight Rises. What makes this Bane figure even more attractive to collectors is the inclusion of a piece of the Bat signal. A working, lighted Bat signal can be assembled but collectors will have to buy each of the six Movie Masters figures to collect the six parts needed to complete it.Features Of The Movie Masters Bane Figure* 6 inch scale,* Authentic design based on Batman The Dark Knight Rises,* Excellent articulation,* 1 of 6 pieces needed to complete Bat signal.Is The Movie Masters Bane Figure Worth Buying?The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Collection is not aimed at children, but at serious collectors. That being said, Bane is an extremely well made figure that will withstand moderate play. The articulation is impressive, and Bane does not in any way feel flimsy or delicate appropriate for a character of his reputation. The paintwork, in particular around the facial features and mask, is extremely impressive. There is a distinct likeness to Tom Hardys Bane that you rarely see in collectable figures especially not ones selling for less than $20. The thing about Bane is that there isnt really any question about it as the main protagonist of the film, hes a must have. There are, however, some negatives with the figure. Banes head movement is limited and doesnt allow for much manipulation. Similarly, the figure is not nearly as impressive with jacket removed. This is an example of a figure being sold to be presented as is, without any interference. This works for collectables being preserved in their original packaging, but there is no doubt that the Bane figure will be opened. These are minor inconveniences, however, and anyone interested in the Move Masters Collectables will have Bane at the top of their must have list. The collectable Bat signal looks to be worth buying all six figures alone, so everything else after that can be considered a bonus.


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