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August 9, 2020
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Review: Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball

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The Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball is a sturdy, reliable poolside toy that perfectly complements family time spent in the pool. Fun for all the family, the Cool Jam Pro Basketball set is an adjustable basketball hoop, backboard and net that is perfect for families, kids and adults alike that enjoy spending time playing the pool. Featuring an excellent build quality and solid base that can take the punishment of vigorous play, this is a poolside accompaniment that will last for years to come.Features Of The Super-Wide 44" Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball* Backboard 44 x 32 inches,* Super-wide hard body backboard,* Adjustable height to suit users,* Comes with regulation sized basketball,* Metal hoop & heavy duty net.Is The Super-Wide 44" Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Worth Buying?The main concern with a poolside accessory like the Super-Wide Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball set is whether it will last. Its very purpose is to take punishment, but the backboard is specifically designed to withstand the punishment a heavy basketball can give. The base of the Cool Jam Pro Basketball set can be filled with water to further add stability and strength, meaning older users need not fear going all out with their play. At more than $200, this is reasonably priced when compared to other poolside basketball sets, but it comfortably outperforms many of its more expensive rivals. The backboard measures a full 44 x 32 inches, meaning most missed shots are returned to the field (or pool) of play with ease. The hoop is metal, and the net is a legitimate heavy duty net that will not suffer much wear and tear even when left out in poor weather conditions.Assembly of the Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball set is reasonably simple, and it is very much built to last. The height can be adjusted to suit both the location and the age and size of the children playing, and this can be done very simply. The main risk of damage to the Cool Jam Poolside Basketball set is in the basketball itself, but fortunately the set can be used with a normal basketball, or even a water polo or football if the need arises. Overall this is a sturdy, well-built poolside accessory that will last for as long as you wish to use it. It adds a fantastic extra element to any pool, one that will get the whole family active and having fun at the same time!


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