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July 15, 2020
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Review: Manhattan Toy Winkel

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According to the sales description, the Manhattan Toy Winkel is designed for babies and toddlers up to 18 months old. Toys like this are common, and that makes this a competitive fields of toys. However, the Manhattan Toy Winkel has been getting good customer feedback on product review websites. So, is this the toy youre looking for? Lets find out.Key Features Of The Manhattan Toy Winkel* Soft tubes ideal for teething,* 4.5 in size,* Easy to hold.Is The Manhattan Toy Winkel Worth Buying?The bright colors of the Manhattan Toy Winkel immediately strike the eye and help to grab a young infants attention. Along with this, the crazy-maze style tubing that loops around makes the Toy Winkel an attractive and engaging object that helps hold attention for longer periods of time.The many looping tubes have a range of benefits. Firstly, the tubes are fairly thin. This makes them easy for young hands to grasp great for infants who lack hand-eye coordination as well as those tiny hands that can barely fit an adult finger inside their grip. Because the toy is easy to hold from all angles, its also great for kids learning two-handed play. Two-handed play is an early developmental milestone and its important that kids get the chance to work at this.Having many loops all over the toy, going in and out at all different angles, also helps children to hold the toy in a way that lets them put it in their mouth. Because the loops are on all sides of the toy, there are not just one or two correct ways for a child to get the toy into its mouth. Whichever way the toy is held, the child will be able to get it into his or her mouth.This toy has a rattle inside which can often be seen as a curse by parents who dont like continual irritating noise. Fortunately, the rattle in this toy isnt too loud or obnoxious, being sufficient to amuse an infant without impacting on the adults in the room.There are a few issues with the toy. Firstly, it may be a little heavy in some respects as its not easy for infants to pass from one hand to another. Of course, its designed for two-handed play, so this isnt a really big deal, but its something to bear in mind.Its also worth noting that if you like to use a steam-sterilizer on your kids toys, you ought to avoid it with this one. One customer reported that their steam sterilizer melted the toy! So stick to soap and water if you want to clean this.A slightly concerning report from another customer was that colors bled when the toy was washed. This could mean your child would ingest the coloring when putting it into his or her mouth, and theres no knowing what effects this could have. This is not a common feature of reviews, but it may be worth checking the most recent customer comments before you buy.Aside from the bleeding color, this is basically a great toy thatll keep your young one amused and help them develop the skills of two-handed play. A hit in most respects.


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