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August 20, 2020
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Comfort, Safety, Design: What to Remember When Choosing Kids' Beds

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The Wall Street Journal's Home sectionfeatures the article "What a Little Lace Can Do" to put the spotlight on bed linen and sheets. "You are what you sleep on," says writer Sara Ruffin Costello. Your choice of linenwill determine the feel of your room and the comfort of your sleep.

We may have different sleep needs, but we all want the same thing: a good night's sleep to wake up relaxed and energised. A critical factor to help us achieve this is choosing the bed that provides us with body support and comfort. The bed should match the person sleeping on it.

For your little ones, it is also important that you choose the right bedding for them. In their hope to help you create precious rooms for your precious people, Cloverlea Designs has recently launched a collection of beautiful and practical kids' bed linen, cot bedding, and furniture perfect for babies and active toddlers. Their colours, designs and comfort are sure to suit your children's needs.

Tips in Buying Kids' Bed Linen and Furniture

To help you choose infant cradles, baby cribs, toddler's bedding, and kids' beds, here are some helpful tipsto remember:

*Cradles and Cribs
oMust be cosy, comfortable and safe since babieswill spend a large amount of time here
oChoose cradles with the highest sides possible and slow rocking motion so the babies won't fall
oMake sure it has a stable base so it can't tip over
oChoose smooth surfaces and rounded corners to prevent injury
oMake sure the crib's bars are close together to avoid the baby's head or arms getting caught
*Kid's Beds
oTake your child with you when you are shopping for the bed and ask them what they like
oLet your child test the different bed options
oTrendy and novel styled covers and sheets
oChoose an ensemble designed with your child's favourite cartoon characters and superheroes or animals and plants in solid colours

Keeping Babies and Toddlers Safe while in Bed

Aside from comfort and design, you have to consider their safety as well to avoid SIDS.

*For babies
oSleep baby on the back, not on the tummy or side
oMake sure their face isn't able to be covered by soft toys, pillows, etc.
oRemove quilts, cushions and toys from the cot
oTuck in bedclothes securely
*For toddlers
oPut the bed into a corner so there are two sides where your child cannot roll out
oUse a guard rail around the bed
oPlace a mattress or large cushions on the floor, just below the bed, so your child won't get hurt if they roll off
oMove furniture away from the bed to prevent injury and accidents

Keeping your kids safe just begins in their room. To ensure their safety, keep your whole house safe by checking that no dangerous substance or situations are present, some good places to start are:

*Electrical cords
*Furniture and accessories
*Kitchen equipments and utensils
*Locks and alarms
*Flammable and sharp objects
*Stair wells


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